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  • November 2012, The 2nd IFToMM Asian-MMS conference in Tokyo
  • an home-based upper limb exoskeleton design
  • March 2012, the Conference of Energy 100 + Achievements Exhibition
  •  Kinematic Compatible Elbow Exoskeletons
  • Various-Payload Balanced Articulated Manipulators
  • June 2016, redecorated Lab
本實驗室於2012年11月7-11日前往日本東京工業大學參加The 2nd IFToMM Asian Conference on Mechanism and Machine Science ,共發表四篇會議論文,藉由參與國際會議以利了解世界各國的機械產業研究。


機構設計,大幅提升實驗效率。採用Renesas RX210處理器,Teco PWS6400F-SB Stepped motor。


The energy of the Research Program team was hold on March 14, 2012, 15 involved in the National Science Council, "Energy 100 + results of Post Conference static exhibition of achievements", "smart grid and the meter reading results for the posters to the participating makers, scholars and experts to show the achievements in the implementation of energy technology basic research and industrial technology development trends and the positioning of the energy Technology program for the past two years.


本實驗室開發之具線性及接地調整方式,在不同負載下仍可藉由調整PDP Adjustment來達到靜平衡之設計

The laboratory was reorganized in 2012, the new look is as follows.