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Intellectual Asset

Today's era of knowledge economy has established in the basis of business survival rather than tangible products, intangible information and knowledge have exhibited an important role to maintain competitive edge and create profits. In addition, information has its business value; the concept has gradually been recognized by the community. Corporate authorities play a role as information provider and have carried multitudinous benefits. Therefore, how to enhance the value of information, make for creating wealth and maintain competitiveness has become the focus on public attention.

Innovative Design

The innovative design is the use of scientific and technological achievements (including theory, method, technique, principle, etc.). The practical institutions with innovative ideas, design novelty, inventiveness are in order to improve and perfect the existing mechanical performance, reliability and suitability. The technology for innovative mechanical design has advanced focused on the product in novelty, creativity, practicality, and social economic benefits with the needs of the market economy. Enhancing industries’ experiences in the design and shorten the development time for training design engineers can increase the component design level to the functional design level then achieve the advantages for robust design.

About the Lab

In the field of mechanism design, innovative design is proceeded via systematic approach. Intellectual assets in recent years have imported the analyses to analyze kinematics, technical topology and synthesis for the capture of patent information, design and specifications. The development of designs evolves all possibility in innovation from others’ shortcomings, guides R&D (research and development) design to optimize existing systems and to obtain basic patents. The build a complete patent network can be very helpful for the establishment of the related technology patents.

By the collation of patent literature and patent search and analysis, technical analyses focus on R&D technical field of dynamic analysis and technology development, which covers technology cycle and the effectiveness of technical characteristics for R&D direction and layout strategy. The program aims to master the technical field of R&D dynamics.

In the section of patent association and quality indicators, it is committed to perfect patent analyses, technology inventors, patent holders and national R&D energy direction. The quality and quantity of output for comprehensive patent assist to explain the conclusion of whole enterprise environment in the project.

陳達仁 榮獲台灣大學107年度特聘教授
陳達仁 榮獲科技部106年度傑出研究獎 
陳達仁 榮獲JMBM annual excellent paper award 
陳達仁 榮獲106年度黃慶琅先生講座
陳達仁與碩士生鄔明輝合著之論文  榮獲第16屆全國機構與機器設計學術研討會最佳論文獎
陳達仁與碩士生鄔明輝合著之論文  榮獲財團法人中華古機械文教基金會  102年度紀念蔡隆文教授最佳論文獎。
陳達仁指導與鄔明輝之碩士論文 "具有不變之桿件與接頭數目之可變拓樸機構概念設計方法"  榮獲中華民國機構與機器原理學會優秀碩士論文獎。
陳達仁與碩士生鄔明輝合著之論文  榮獲第16屆全國機構與機器設計學術研討會最佳論文獎。
陳達仁與碩士生鄔明輝合著之論文  榮獲財團法人中華古機械文教基金會 102年度紀念蔡隆文教授最佳論文獎。
陳達仁指導與鄔明輝之碩士論文 "具有不變之桿件與接頭數目之可變拓樸機構概念設計方法"  榮獲中華民國機構與機器原理學會優秀碩士論文獎。
陳達仁教授與博士生管中徽參加 "2011 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management" 榮獲 "Outstanding Paper Award" (Technology Manager’s Radar Screen: Monitoring Competitors’ Innovation Performance)
本研究室碩士班畢業生蔡郡芳之畢業論文 "具雙輸入之並聯式混和變速齒輪機構之拓樸合成" 榮獲 "中華民國機構與機器原理學會 優等碩士論文獎"
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